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Why is Gluten Free Matzah better than all other Matzah?

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

"What did we do to deserve this?" One of my 6th grade Hebrew school students asked this very question, his eyes wide with astonishment as he stared at a beautiful table set up for a Chocolate Seder. While this Chocolate Seder involved more sugar than any person should metabolize in an entire month, it was a great way to engage in learning about the steps and rituals of a Passover Seder. From chocolate covered Matzoh to chocolate covered eggs (how wonderful when Easter and Passover coincide - a couple I've worked with even calls this overlap "God-a-palooza") we had such a sweet time exploring all the ways to celebrate.

So how will you celebrate this year? Is it your first Passover EVER? Are you hosting people in your home, or bringing a side dish to a friend's house? Are you gathering for a Passover Seder (Festive Ritual Meal) on the weekend because that's when your people have time to connect? Or perhaps you've celebrated Passover tons of times but are looking for new inspiration, or maybe you'll be at home with your partner trying to make sense of all this religion and ritual from the comfort of your couch? Check out these great resources to bring inspiration and sweetness to your celebration (don't forget the Chocolate Matzoh!)

First, to get a sense of the history and rituals of Passover, check out this video from BimBam and this article from

For a clear overview of the Seder, take a look at out our brand new Modern JewISH Couples Seder Guide to the 15 steps of the Seder and related couples conversations.


Seder Haggadot from

  • I really like this "One Table Abridged Seder Guide" which hits the major points of the Seder and includes helpful explanations about Passover, the 4 questions in English, and a list of modern plagues.

  • I love this Haggadah by JewBelong. JewBelong is run by the folks behind the Manhattan Mini Storage billboards and are bringing important (and snarky) messages to the world about what it means to be Jewish (see below.) This Haggadah offers so many different options for your Seder and includes a beautiful "Blessing for anyone who is not Jewish," originally written by Rabbi Janet Marder.

  • And what would a Modern Passover observance be without a Chat-GPT Haggadah? Check out what AI thinks about the 4 questions, some solid dad jokes, and a rendition of Dayeinu (It would've been enough!) from a Peloton Instructor. (The snarky image below is from ModernTribe)

Seder SWAG:

Got questions? Reach out! xoxo, Modern JewISH Couples

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