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Friends Eating Dinner


For all couples (dating, engaged, and married) interested in making new friends, celebrating shabbat, great food, and thoughtful conversation

Celebrate Shabbat, enjoy delicious food, and dig into important conversations with Rabbi Jen Gubitz and local professionals in your city. We've gathered in Boston, Providence, Tampa, and are on our way to Atlanta, New Orleans, Indianapolis & Cincinnati!  

Interested in a couples retreat in your city, as part of your community, or online with your friends? Be in touch!

Upcoming Couples Conversations Retreats


Host a Modern Jewish Couples Cohort or Retreat In Your Community

Designed for young adult couples on the road to committed partnership and early years of marriage, Rabbi Jen Gubitz leads with guided questions, texts, and discussion prompts to connect participants with their partners and others in the same life stage to explore essential couples conversations, such as legacy, rest, money, intimacy, and loss.

Currently offered in Boston and Providence. Launching in Austin and New Orleans in 2022.

Interested in bringing one to your community? Contact us today!


Modern JewISH Couples hosts retreats and virtual cohorts all over the US.

Interested in joining when we come to your community? Join the waitlist and we'll be in touch!

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